Greace Removal

The presence of excess fat on the outlet of public restaurants, and especially fast food, is a problem for downstream devices such as biological therapy.

Spinase prefabricated packaging, designed for continuous fat burning, can significantly reduce lipids. Unlike grapefruit grains that limit volume and consumption capacity and should be used in a short time, fat compressors are constantly collecting and transporting fat from the surface and sediment.

Operating principles:

With the help of a special turbine, air bubbles are produced between 1 and 2 mm and injected into the tank, with a mixed flow of inlet and guid it to upward. Fats and other substances, along with air bubbles float on the tank surface, are transmitted to the overflow compartment by means of a mechanical parachute. Light particles are deposited in the container cone and discharged with time.

Equipment Principles:

  • Steel or polymeric tanks
  • Ability to build a tank in cylindrical and rectangular forms
  • Air turbine
  • Metal or polymeric scrapers
  • Continues discharge of sludge and its bubbles with the help of pump or gravity
    Level overflow