SBR Decanter

This product is designed and manufactured for first time  by Spinas in Iran.


  • Sending a signal through the PLC to the decanter after sufficient time to clear it.
  • Move the decanter below the water through the electric actuator.
  • Setting the output flow rate based on the overflow submersion.
  • Operation of the stimulus switch when the water level reaches the lowest limit and stopping the discharge operation.
  • Move the drive toward the park’s spot to start the next cycle.
  • Operation of the induction switch when decanter arrives at the park’s point

Components of SBR:

1- Channel and inlet fluid flow
2- Flow ducts from overflow to inlet pipe
3- Output Rotary Collector
4- Rotating connection
5- Barrier of the waste
6- Electric actuator


Technical Properties:

  • Material: All parts made of stainless steel.
  • Discharge capacity: 2.5 cubic meters per minute for per meter of length under normal conditions (depending on length and height of water on the overflow).
  • Dimensions: The length of the decanters of this company is between 3 and 10 meters (different lengths are custom made).

Advantages of SPIDEC:

  • Good flexibility versus changes in volumetric flow rate due to the ability to adjust the speed of the decanter.
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Upgrading the operation of the system due to the transfer of refined sewage through the series to the decanter channel and visibility of its quality.
  • Easy and minimum maintenance due to installation of drive system outside the tank
    Operation as overflow in high flood and discharge conditions, to prevent damage to the refinery unit