Disc Microscreen


  • Disc filters are designed for filtration of large volumes of waste water with demands for high quality of cleaned water.
  • They are applied for filtration of water from waste water treatment plants, in fish farms, in the food and paper industries and for recycling of cooling water in power plants. In some cases, these filters can be used for recovery of valuable substances from process waters.


The basic filtering element is a fabric-coated filter segment. Water flowing into the inner space of the filter segment flows through the fabric while fine impurities are trapped on the cloth. The segments are fixed on the disc shaft. Twelve segments make up one disc. The number of discs determines the capacity, i.e. the size of the filter.


  • depending on the required filter capacity
  • depending on location – in concrete channel or steel tank
  • depending on the required quality of filtered water
  • depending on the sludge discharge method – by gravity or by pump


  • Filtration of large flows up to 500 l/s
  • Filtration from 5 μm
  • High quality of cleaned water
  • Low built-up area demands in the ratio to filter capacity
  • Alternative to micro-strainer drum filters
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • High cleaning reliability
  • High construction resistance to wear and damage