Combined Pretreatment

The compact multifunctional equipment is intended for the removal of coarse municipal impurities, gravel and sand from the influent water, and transport thereof to containers. Depending on the local requirements and economical aspects, it is possible to construct the multifunctional equipment so as to ensure only basic functions or to provide additional functional options for various flow rates.


Basic functions:

  • Entrapment of sediments (sand, gravel)
  • Entrapment of impurities in screens
  • Transport of entrapped materials to
  • Containers
  • Integrated by-pass


  • Influent flow is ensured by self-gravity or a pump
  • Integration of all functions of coarse pre-treatment
  • Small installation space
  • Bar spacing: 3 or 6 mm

Additional functional options:

  • Washing of screenings
  • Dewatering of screenings
  • Backwash of sand