Classifier and Screw Compactor

Classifier Usage:

Sand classifier is a machine used to separate, by settlement, sand from water. Mixture of sand and water enters into settling hopper. Here, by gravity, sand and other organic substances settles on bottom of machine. A screw removes and transport sand and organic substances settled, till the point of discharge.

Classifier Function Principles:

Settling hopper is designed in way to avoid clogging of material inside. Hopper is equipped with deflector and weir for settled water. Transport screw is in carbon steel FE 510 with paint. It is made by flat bar of big thickness suitably shaped. Worm screw gearmotor directly coupled to the screw. Clarified water exits through a surface weir, which is inside settling hopper.

Main Components:

  • Settlement Hopper stainless steel with flange in Duraluminium and breather.
  • Collecting and Transport Screw of supporting legs.
  • Shaftless Transport Screw in carbon steel AISI304 with paint, of big thickness.
  • Screw gearmotor
  • Bearing

Screw Compactor Usage:

Screw Compactor is a versatile machine for several applications in continuous or batch type duty. Screw Compactors are used in municipal or industrial waste water treatment plants where maintenance has to be reduced to the minimum (no intermediate bearings, shaftless screw).

Screw Compactor Function Principles:

In wastewater industrial, screw compactors are usually installed downstream of screens for removal of water from screen. In screw compactors , the solid material with high water content enters from top of the screw compactor and is conveyed by shaft less spiral to the screen filter (Compaction zone) in which the free water is separated from solid. The compaction zone is composed of a basket with slotted holes to allow the water to drain out. The dewatered material passes through a conveying tube into a container and the separated water is transferred by a pipe considered in the bottom for further treatment

Benefits of Screw Compactor:

  • Two functions – one machine: conveying and compacting;
  • Up to 40% reduction of screenings volume
  • Particularly maintenance-friendly modular design;
  • No machine locking even with fibrous materials;
  • Fully enclosed, pollution-free, odour-free;
  • Low noise level;
  • Low energy consumption.

Main Parts of Screw Compactor:

  1. Gearmotor
  2. Screw
  3. Liner
  4. Compactor