• The best choice for high-quality wastewater treatment and minimum investment and operation cost is the advanced SBR Advanced Technology (ASBR).
    ASBR has a registered record in terms of performance on a global scale.
    ASBR is an optimized biological process for most domestic, municipal and industrial refinement units. This system has been successfully implemented for small, medium and large urban areas. ASBR is used for modular development, replacement and upgrading of existing refinery capacity as well as a pre treatment for the strong industrial wastewater.

Urban and domestic waste water applications:

  • Rural communities, towns and cities
  • Airports and military centers
  • Commercial and residential buildings
  • Schools, hospitals and large stores
  • Septic tanks waste water treatment
  • Residential centers and hotels
  • Restaurants and recreational centers
  • Apartments and complexes

Industrial applications:

  • Food and drink
  • Paper and textile
  • Petrochemicals, refineries and paints
  • Wastewater from anaerobic treatment
  • Pharmaceutical and sanitary
  • Electronic

ASBR process and design capabilities:

  • Increasing the proper formulation of solids and, at the same time, preventing the bulking process because of the ability to select biological regions that will lead to a high quality of treated wastewater.
  • The removal of biological nutrients includes nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal
  • Less tanks and less space occupancy compared with conventional sludge treatment by up to 30%
  • High aeration efficiency and reduced energy consumption
  • The minimum equipment will be easy to maintain and easy to operate.
  • Strong stainless steel latches provide long and reliable durability.
  • Freely selectable rectangular, square, circular, single or multiple tanks make this system flexible.
  • Capacity from 20 to 190 thousand cubic meters per day.
  • After the commissioning of the wastewater treatment plant, after-sales services will include an evaluation and analysis of the output data from the refinery to ensure optimal process performance. In addition, connecting to the Internet port and through SCADA on the control panel provides remote service capability.

Consulting services for SBR processes and equipment:

  • Conceptual, Primary and Detailed Process Design
  • Manufacturing and supplying equipment
  • Project management services during implementation
  • Collaboration during launch
  • Personnel training services
  • After-sales service and customer support
    Operation and maintenance services
  • Process optimization
  • Remote control and data analysis
  • Evaluation of system performance